Millions of men and women across the globe are pursuing higher education. The one area where shortages are high and demands are even higher is the industry nursing. Programs are in place to assist individuals who wants to pursue a degree in nursing or obtain a higher degree if they already have one. Most employees will pay for this career advancement and for others there are other alternatives like financial aid or educational scholarships.

What is RN to BSN Degree?

An RN to BSN degree is a program that many states colleges and universities are offering to students, nurses, or nursing candidates who want to earn a higher nursing degree. Candidates who have already earned their RN can take the RN to BSN degree and earn their Bachelor of Science Nursing degree quicker than candidates who have an associate degree. However, students who have their nursing associate or nursing diploma can receive their BSN by completing the BSN degree program. The BSN degree is more demanding in both knowledge and skills but the pay is much higher than that of an RN.

RN to BSN VS the Standard BSN – What are the differences

The biggest difference between the RN to BSN and the Standard BSN is timing and for some people it is the financial aspect. The new RN to BSN program can be earned in about two years less compared to the traditional BSN. Candidates that do not have any type of degree will spend 4 years completing their program of study before receiving their degree. The standard BSN is offered by undergraduate universities. Successful candidates take their exams and receive their license upon completion.

How Long Does it Take to Complete

An RN or registered nurse Degree can be obtained in two years. Courses are taken at a local or community college or online. The RN to BSN program is designed to assist nurses who are already have their RN degree and who are currently working in the nursing field to take their nursing skills to the next level. The BSN is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree which normally takes about 4 years for the average person to achieve. However, candidates with their RN degree can obtain their BSN degree in as little as two years.

How Much Do They cost

The good news is that most candidates qualify for financial assistance. Due to the shortages in the nursing fields the government is making earning any type of nursing degree affordable. It is possible to get into the RN to BSN program with no upfront money. There are several nursing scholarship available online and at most community colleges in the financial aid department.

Campus VS Online RN to BSN – What are the Differences

The most noticeable differences between attending classes on campus and taking classes online is cost, convenience, and time. Students who attend classes on campus have to organize or rearrange their work schedule. They spend money on gas and on daycare if they have children and they must show up to class regardless of the weather. There is very little flexibility available for students who attend classes on campus.

Students who choose to earn their degree from home can work at their own pace. They can pick their classes and study hours and work these times into their work schedule. They save money and time on daycare and gas. They can use digital textbooks which are cheaper than the traditional textbooks and plus they can study from home or from their place of employment. The best part about receiving either degree is that employees will accept them if they are from and accredited university or program.

Earning a degree today is not difficult. There are many alternatives to getting a good education. High schools, colleges, universities and accredited schools are offering students the opportunity to earn their Nursing degree and other degrees online. Students find that online learning works better for thier needs and others prefer the presence of the physical classroom. Which one is better? This depends on the student. Which style of learning teaches the most (campus or online) this is determined by the pace the students set for themselves.

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